World’s Biggest Boobs?

MANswers goes on a quest to find the world’s biggest boobs and they find their answer at a strip club in Memphis.

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Finding the worlds biggest boobs

6 comments on “World’s Biggest Boobs?”

  1. drew says:

    wow, thats kinda gross.

  2. Roger says:

    Those are gross and she is gross.

  3. Yoav says:

    Instead of showing us this video, why dont you show us her boobs?

  4. spankbank says:

    wow… im FROM memphis! i may have to go check that out! haha

  5. BigBob says:

    Urgh they are horrible!

  6. ILikeBoobs says:

    Have you seen Sheyla Hershey? She has the biggest implants in the world. Isn’t as big as Maxi Mounds, but I think she looks way hotter.

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