Twitter Babe Britney C

This is 19-year old Twitter babe Britney C who has been generating a little bit of buzz around the internet after being discovered by porn star Siri. She has stated that her boobs are 36GG which translates to really fucking big and that they are still growing! Britney, we need to see you topless.

You can follow her on twitter @britneyyy_c

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pictures removed due to request

20 comments on “Twitter Babe Britney C”

  1. BeerBoy says:


  2. Yuck says:

    Muffin tops leading to a full on gunt, check
    Stupid ink on her arm, check
    Fucked up face that looks like she was hit with a shovel, check
    Not showing her tits, check

    She’ll be a fan favourite for all the pimply faced geeks here in nontime

  3. corpse paint says:

    Pic #8: that had better be apple juice in that beer cup… or would not fuck.
    And @Yuck, disagree on almost all counts, though the face is batting about a .500

  4. corpse paint says:

    To clarify my first point: underage drinking without a permit??? Nope. (I love beer.)

  5. Yuck says:

    I like teh cock.

  6. cartonfalcon says:

    So what? There is girl working at my office that has the same boobs, and she’s not over the internet. Maybe is she were topless…

  7. cartonfalcon says:

    Also, I am too much of a pussy to talk to her.

  8. Djun says:

    Wow make-up sure does do a lot for women!

  9. Yuck says:

    Aww, a little yuck impersonator. I should feel flattered. But i am not, because the impersonator likes cock. A yuck impersonator sucking cock disturbs me. A guy sucking cock is immoral. Repent your sins cock sucking yuck impersonator, and seek pussy. Just not this ugly fucking chick’s pussy. Wait, maybe you should, as that’s all you’ll ever get.

  10. FredMC says:

    Yuck and Corpsepaint are the same pathetic person. Chubby chaser and hater, 2/10 would not friend

  11. Joe says:

    Fugly girl has big boobs, doesn’t show them. Yawn.

  12. corpse paint says:

    FredMC, many of my posts are made with humorous intent. Maybe over time I can get that 2 a little higher! (?)

  13. no says:

    How come she has a tat on right arm in one photo and left arm on another? Fake.

  14. fitzgerald says:

    Holy shit, you guys are seriously assholes. None of that was necessary.

  15. cartonfalcon says:

    Yeah, take mi name and write whatever you want. It makes a looot of sense in a place no one knows who I am.

  16. corpse paint says:

    aw shit, this poor girl probably saw our comments.
    i want to apologize for mine. i really do think she’s hot, but in a few pics her face makes her look like she’s sick or didn’t get enough sleep.

  17. Pefr says:

    She got hate and left Twitter days before this was even posted. Don’t try and claim that you had anything to do with this.

  18. Dat Dude says:

    My thing is this…if she’s gonna post softcore pictures like that, she really can’t expect everyone to be nice to her about it nor expect everyone to love her for it. Its just a part of the territory with social media. I find it remarkable of how she was offended by this reputable blog to give her more exposure and then find it offensive?

    Women should only straddle men, horses, and maybe a chair or two, not fences.

  19. corpse paint says:

    @pefr, I’m not claiming that whatsoever, but if she happens to see these comments, I’d rather her know that my intentions weren’t hate inspired. I don’t care who it is in this world, Im not mean to people.

    @DatDude, agreed. She has to be able to accept both brands of attention. Maybe that virtue will come with age, and we’ll be treated with more pics of her in the future! (Legal drinking age of course.)

  20. Pefr says:

    You weren’t being mean, you were being honest.

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