6 comments on “Tricia Helfer In Playboy”

  1. Drendar says:

    Meh, she’s not all that great. Now if they could get Grace Park (Sharon Valeri) to pose, now THAT would be something.

  2. Izzo says:

    Not all that great? I’d like to see you do better.

  3. Drendar says:

    Listen, unless your hittin’ that (and your not) I have nothing to prove. She is NOT all that great, I could do without the empty face and caving in stomach, call that ripped abs if you want, I call that underfed.

  4. R says:

    to me some of ‘the most beautiful women in the world’ are much more sexier with their clothes on, for example Evangeline Lilly (‘Lost’s Kate), and Tricia included. but she is gorgeous. i agree with Drendar, GET GRACE PARK!!!

  5. j says:

    she’s ugly……..you guys are queer. go jack each other off. im sure you get wood from capt. kirk. she’s hot you homo’s.

  6. Wow says:

    Easily the hottest Playboy pictures i have ever seen. Playboy’s usually terrible.

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