18 comments on “Topless September Carrino in the Bedroom”

  1. gbgtb says:

    I think her tits are great enough without the fisheye lens. I get so tired of these distortions. Doesn’t anyone else?

  2. dood says:

    Regular lenses are all she needs.

  3. Yuck says:

    Removing the implants would make them look less like cow udders

    Then again, she’s just another useless cow.

  4. corpse paint says:

    Fish eye lens makes her look like a mutant. Who approves of that shit?

  5. fergy says:

    Hey Yuck… you do know those are all natural tits, right??

  6. Lance burton says:

    Those nipples are the size of magic marker.

  7. Me says:

    She’s got some of the best nipples in topless modeling.

    And yes, we all hate the fisheye lens. We used to all bitch about it all the time, but it’s not like Pinupfiles are getting their photography advice from us. But yeah, the distortion is ridiculous and annoying.

    And Yuck: nice try troll. One of the best things about BoobieBlog is that trolls don’t get fed very much, so they don’t tend to stick around.

  8. Billy says:

    She’s either a biological anomaly, or some kind of evolutionary precursor for women.

    I’m hoping for the latter.

  9. Yuck says:

    Far from trolling.

    You guys can have the cow with udders pointing at her knees. Sad thing is she’d never go to your mom’s basement to fuck you. Even she has standards.

    Chicks posting on the chive and reddit are 1000x better. And the girl next door too. But they still wouldn’t hit your mom’s basement.

  10. Tony says:

    I doubt these are natural tits. She probably started out as a D cup and got implant surgeries from there. But hey, it earns her loads of money.

  11. Tonysenemy says:


    You come across like you’d be happier looking at two guys sucking each others cock. So do us a favour. Fuck off faggot.

  12. Shaddap says:

    Yuck posts on Reddit. Look out, he’s a badass.

    Clearly since he has all that Reddit cred, he’s a full fledged grown up who doesn’t suckle at his parent’s bank account anymore. Nope, he’s a big college sophomore, living in a piss smelling dorm, and living off student loans. lmao

    Yuck, don’t you have a worthless degree to pursue, or some responsibility to avoid?
    Surely you don’t have enough time to come here and be an internet tough guy what with all your Reddit bitches fucking you in your mansion and all.

  13. Dave says:


    I fucked your mom in her basement, same place you were conceived apparently

  14. corpse paint says:

    @yuck: my mom’s basement is pretty fuckin cool. Her and I would just have to keep the noise down. But that’s okay cause she would only have to be quiet for 90 seconds and I’m out.

  15. GEORGIA97 says:

    @yuck. Shut up, boy. I’d be your daddy if I’d beaten that dog across the fence.

  16. Nochi says:

    Oh. ya, back to the actual post, not some homsick abortion YUCK chirping about his perspective and what place posts better.


  17. Johnny says:

    I most certainly wouldn’t say no. Lovely big boobies.

    I am not keen on fisheye lenses for modelling.

    Just imagine the titwank with them or when she rides you. Them boobs would be bouncing like anything. I know I would squirt everywhere.

  18. deeznuts says:

    September has one of the best pair of fun bags I have ever seen!!
    She’s awesome, and if she ever wants to hook up with a great looking multi-millionaire with swag and a hot wife, we’re game!!
    As for Yuck, I’m wondering why you are such a hater? Too ugly maybe? Too much mastubation and not enough pussy? Maybe you weren’t loved enough by your mommy (who I banged in your basement) and wasn’t breast fed. If you don’t like women, there are homosexual sites for you to look at.

    I love September Carrino!

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