Topless On The Beach

Here is something I bet you’ve always wanted. A print of some unknown chick’s big boobs. Its amazing what people will sell on ebay and more amazing what people will buy. My girlfriend added herself as a “wife to buy” on ebay as a joke. She got something like 20 bids and I had to bid over $5000 just to make sure she wasen’t sold to a crazy sultan or something.

Its summer which means that time to go to the beach! The best part about the beach is all the big boobs in bikini that you get to look at. If you live in europe you also get to see naked boobs on all the babes tanning topless 🙂 Where I live they even have a nudist beach. Ive been there but the place is filled with all the type of people you DONT want to see naked. Instead of it being the boob party I was expecting its more like a sausage fest. Really OLD sausages too.

This right here is what I DO want to see, courtesy of Nude Beach Movies.
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Now thats what Im talking about. All you girls who read this, dont be afraid to throw away your bikini top this summer. Expose those juicy boobs to the sun, take photos and send them to me! 🙂

Tan The Boobs!

4 comments on “Topless On The Beach”

  1. Gagging Blog says:

    The top tits on the right are SPECTACULAR…We really need more beaches like that in Florida.

  2. Nebula says:

    the only way they could stop me from bouncing those tit is by locking me up.
    one could only hope it would be in the mental institute
    *i said suck the crime filled popsicle* P.S. …bouncy bouncy bouncy!

  3. Nebula says:

    crime? i mean to say cream… *i liked to paint the walls with cream*

  4. mona says:

    what a sexy site

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