Top 20 Nude Movie Scenes Of 2008

Mr. Skin has listed their top 20 nude movie scenes of 2008 and I went through the trouble of finding video evidence for the top 10.


4 comments on “Top 20 Nude Movie Scenes Of 2008”

  1. yoav says:

    If THESE are the best nude movie scenes then 2008 was a VERY BAD year

    Half of those don’t even have real nudity!

  2. T-bone says:

    Culd u please find the top 20 Mr skin TV Nude scenes? I hear that it is better!

  3. Wedge says:

    #1 is Skeletor? Er…I mean Mischa Barton?


  4. Biggs says:

    I got to call bullshit on that one with that chick in the bathtub.

    I got a few seconds of nudity only to see one of the most disgusting fucked up things ever and that ranks that high on Mr. Skin?

    Shows where we are at today. Enough nudity for a PG rated movie in the 70’s but violence enough to get an X in the 70’s. Our values are totally opposite these days.

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