Top 10 Models on Scoreland

SCORE has released their top 10 models of ALL TIME as voted by their members and the result is a little surprising if you ask me. I would’ve assume classic babes like Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Kerry Marie, SaRenna Lee etc would’ve made the list but I guess not? What’s really surprising is the #1 spot which is a babe I’ve never even posted before because I just ain’t that big a fan.

#10 – Chloe Vevrier
Picture from: Chloes World
Busty Babe


20 comments on “Top 10 Models on Scoreland”

  1. Dave says:

    If that’s the top ten, I’d hate to see the ones who scored lower. None of those are particularly nice.

  2. Roberto says:

    Number one is brutal. I’ve never even heard of her.

  3. BeerBoy says:

    #4 is the only decent choice.

  4. JDPuss says:

    None of the above would even turn a head on a factory shop floor … if thats the top 10 I’d hate to see the rest *shudders*

  5. Rambo, John Jay says:

    Boy I have to agree with the guys above…
    I love Katarina #4 but Siri and the rest are just gross!

  6. Kev says:

    It is Scoreland guys, they are a step above the “Put out to pasture” strip joint nightly line up.

  7. Michael says:

    Where the hell is Linsey Dawn McKenzie??? Who comprised this atrocious list?

  8. DDrendar says:

    Siri is pretty much a bitch who thinks she’s better than she is, you should read her tumblr sometime to see how truly pretentious she is about her “career.”

  9. lob says:

    Never even heard of this Siri chick and for a good reason too. She’s pretty ugly and her tits are boring. No.9 has great tits I guess.

  10. Joe says:

    I’m with everyone else. That’s an awful list.

  11. Barry says:

    10, 9, and 8 are pretty fantastic imo

  12. johnsmith says:

    I have to second the bizarre exclusion of Linsey Dawn Mckenzie – possibly the most famous model the Score group has featured in their publications and one who still features heavily in their site promotions.
    And those criticizing the appearances of these girls – you’d barely get a second look from any of them.

  13. dood says:

    I love Sensual Jane, Anna Song, and Angela White.

  14. Kim36g says:

    I should’ve been on the list! @Kim36G

  15. ed says:

    bad choice overall, Chloe’s the only decent one, typical poor choices of current day Score

  16. jdog says:

    Anna should be in the top five at least!

  17. chris says:

    Danni Ashe should be first on any list Score has, period.

  18. Sylvain says:

    Where’s Serenna Lee, Lisa Lipps, Tiffany Towers and other busty legends. What a poor top ten !

  19. David Richards says:

    Terrible List considering the amount of models score has featured over the years. Wheres Pandora Peaks, Bea Flora , LDM and Ewa Sonnet?

  20. Big tittty lover says:

    How is Linsey not on the list?? That’s absurd. You guys saying they’re gross are ridiculous. The only 2 that are not attractive are 1 and 3. I think Siri probably made this list.

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