6 comments on “Tom Hiddleston Caught Checking Out Brie Larson’s Cleavage!”

  1. KingKokos says:

    And who can fucking blame him. Only in this SJW, feminazi world is that even an issue. If she doesn’t want her tits to be checked out then don’t have a cleavage that ends at your bellybutton.

    1. Peponote says:

      She laughed, so I think nobody believes she doesn’t want that

  2. Rich says:

    talk about a Peeping Tom! (raises hand for a high five)

  3. Richard says:

    Do you blame him? She’s hot! I would do the same thing.

  4. Stiff Matty says:

    @Rich – Hahaaaa! (raises hand to complete high five)

  5. KingKokos says:

    Peponote, I was not referring to her response but more to the headline which uses the word “caught” like he’s a thief. The proper headline would’ve been “Tom Hiddlestone obviously checking out Brie Larson’s cleavage”.

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