9 comments on “Today in Boobs!”

  1. Dick says:

    I find it physically impossible not to jerk myself senseless for Evgenia Talanina (top right)!

    1. zombie says:

      She is fabulous, I’ll give you that.

      1. mikeroyne says:

        remove the tatts & her body is a ten. its shameful to ruin such a beautiful body

        1. zombie says:

          Remove your comments from every post with a girl with tats, and this site would be a ten 😉

  2. Groundskeeper Willie says:

    I could find away not too.

  3. Al_Anon says:

    Happy Boxing Day Nik! The Canadian thing to do today would be to either watch the World Jr’s or snag some sweet boxing day deals.

  4. CygnusX1 says:

    mikeroyne – still living rent free in his fan clubs heads through 2019 – 2020.

  5. Corpse Paint says:

    Yeah, #3 is a stunner. World class. It’s no shame at all about those tats, there’s nothing she could do to turn a guy off.

    Hey dudes who complain about tattoos: try something new in life. You might find something new that you appreciate!

    1. mikeroyne says:

      rent free indeed.
      what i appreciate is a beautiful body not smeared with stupid, tacky tattoos. it pains me to see such a gorgeous body ruined like that

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