The Miss March Girls go to Comic-Con

A bunch of how girls go to Comic-Con to promote Miss March, there is only one problem: how do you get in?

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3 comments on “The Miss March Girls go to Comic-Con”

  1. tc says:

    Like OMG, what abunch of lou-sssers! Fer shore! Like, these are so-ooo not fake boobs! My bust size is larger, like larger than my IQ, whatever that is? Fer shore. Like, who cares. Talk to the hand, lou-ser!

  2. Me says:

    Listening to them speak totally negated any hotness in the video. Perhaps watching it with the sound muted might have worked better.

  3. mzinger says:

    I lived in southern cali long enough that when girls talk like that it is just white noise to me until i have time to put my dick in their mouth

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