Terry Nova Plays with Her Big Boobs

Mega stacked Terry Nova is getting topless and playing with her big boobs on a bench! Incredible stuff man!

Video of Terry Nova playing with her big boobs

4 comments on “Terry Nova Plays with Her Big Boobs”

  1. PhoenixFireless says:

    they look so soft o.O

  2. Johnny says:

    So soft…… I would love to spend a few days with them. Watched it through several times. My penis enjoyed it too. 😀

  3. Tony the Phony says:

    Terry looks O.K., her breasts are definitely large enough to engulf my penis between her cleavage which is massive. I was getting an erection just looking at her large womanly bosom being played with, with her own hands.

  4. nothingmore says:

    The insertion point from where the top and to bottom of her breasts meet her rib cage is very narrow. With breasts so large I find that fascinating, but not necessarily arousing.

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