Suicide Girl Ember

Damn, check out busty Suicide Girl Ember! She’s a little pale for my taste but those all natural juggs.. yum, I could have a lot of fun with those. I like the old school look too, like she is a classy hooker or something.

Pictures from: Suicide Girls

Busty suicide girl NovaBusty suicide girl NovaBusty suicide girl NovaBusty suicide girl NovaBusty suicide girl NovaBusty suicide girl NovaBusty suicide girl NovaBusty suicide girl Nova

20 comments on “Suicide Girl Ember”

  1. Xeritch says:

    That’s Ember…not Nova…

  2. Xan says:

    lol, fail info again. i see she never went through with that breast reduction surgery she talked about on her blog a while back. nice.

  3. Xan says:

    i researched it a bit, she did get a breast reduction surgery and some people are saying that it was botched and she quit modeling because of it. serves her right, i remember reading her SG blog around the time of it, (because i was a member), and she said she wanted smaller tits cause they made her look fat. hahahaha…now im sure they make her look ugly.

    1. Niklas says:

      oops, changed the name.. my brain isn’t working today

  4. Pandanapper says:

    Ugh, why can’t women with great tits, and bodies as well, just see that as beautiful and not fat?

  5. Barf Dick says:

    It’s fuckin society man. Used to tell people that buxom was beautiful, now it says that busty is only ok up to a certain size and then it’s a no-no. Fuck society. Curvy women are the best, who wants a fucking woman that looks like a little boy?

  6. Snidely Whiplash says:

    Nice ’67 Nova…

    Oh, yeah.


  7. Wedge says:

    Amazing body!

  8. Reed Rothchild says:

    Xan, the last set she put out was in Sept 2009 (Big Business)…from your research did she get it after that date cuz im hoping she didn’t fuck up those tits..i know they deflated somewhat from her weight loss but a reduction would fuck those things up 4ever.

  9. Xan says:

    OK, so after reading all of her blogs… appears that she did go through the procedure of a breast reduction, but the doctor who did it had the sense of mind to tell her “although i tried to remove fat from the boobs, there was no fat to be removed” so he either did cut, or cut in a way of were they healed really well. because anything after Aug ’08 is after the surgery with looks the same to me. so that was 7 grand and a lesson well learned for her. also, from what I’ve read, it doesn’t appear that she intend to try for a boob reduction again.

    she fell so far off the pedestal, shes almost a “new” model to me again, lol.

  10. baphomet says:

    Ugh. I’ve seen better Suicide Girls than her.

  11. ( o Y o ) says:

    I don’t care what society says. Those tits are fucking incredible. Hope she grows her hair out though… nothing worse than short hair on a cute chick with big cans.

  12. Reed Rothchild says:

    thanx Xan…yah your info is correct b/c all her sets after aug 08 looked like her tits werent as full, like she lost weight..

  13. Xan says:

    @baphomet yeah, she got me to that website, but there are better looking SG girls than her. especially after reading through almost 3 yrs of blogs, she has a few extra baggage with her, and this flight is carry-on only. ;p (as if that would ever happen.)

  14. tdog says:

    I will never understand why women get breast reductions….Well except when they’re so big it hurts her back, but other than that I just can’t figure it out. Thats like a guy getting a penis reduction….Pure Nonsense

  15. virgin penis says:

    fuck me lol seriously so i can see how much of your tits i can fit between my fists while i’m pounding you behind my desk turn you around for a second go before i throw you to the floor watching you on your knees looking up at me til i pick you back up along with your right leg …. it’s heatting up i start to see beads of sweat drip down your neck your back and down your legs making mine shake too as the onslaught of sexy flesh staring back at me cause’s me to lose it as a massive orgasm rips though me and my cock … bursting out and exploding alll over my commputer screen. ggggggrrrrrrrrrooooooaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr.. i let out a loud moan while you breath heavily for a few moments before licking up the hot mess left from my seed ……… mmmmmmmmmmmake sure you get it all i’ll say we don’t want things getting sticky lol

  16. Because says:

    you guys are simply idiots would be why.

  17. As a 'actual' fan of hers. says:

    For one, the surgery was to reduce the size to something easier to ‘wear clothing’ with and not hurt her ‘breasts’ or back. Her complaint was not that they made her look fat (because you’re a moron who has apparent memory problems, that are conducive to something along pathological lying,) but was because of the potential for saggy breasts when she got older. Furthermore, the surgery that was indeed botched cost a pretty penny and was not worth anything but painful bruises and a few weeks in a ‘sling’. If you’ve seen the soft ‘shag’ set, or the business time set, these were both post surgery. Nowhere has she complained about ‘weight’ besides attempting to lose it for sets, or going on restrictive diets or exercise plans to be able to shoot. Another fact of the matter is simply there isn’t enough time to do sets, and she doesn’t care for the current community, because pansies like yourself with your critical and harsh words don’t do a bit of good for the ‘esteem’ of any of these models. The original intent both for money (because when you’re a student and look hot, it’s easy), was also for the elements of feeling like a ‘model’. But as years have passed the overly malicious comments begin to get tiring and the overall appeal of the site wears off with pathetic slime that plagues the internet thinking they’re women’s gift from god.. But any future sets will not be dependent on the opinion of a few douches, as is apparent with all her sets. Because you’re not the first, or the last to make such comments, but with as a little weight as you do hold, I would like to make you aware of your worth.

  18. d says:

    Her names Melissa and she’s married to my brother, far as I know she never had anything like that done…. She quit due to internal problems with sg, and her kids. Awesome chick.

  19. Zoey says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, and right. Hahahaha

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