Stacey Poole NUDE Video!

This is simply an incredible video of Stacey Poole posing NUDE in the shower! I think this is as naked as she’s ever been, at least to my knowledge. There aren’t any pussy shots or anything in this video but there are a couple of times when she is changing positions where we can definitely say that she is completely shaved down there.

Video of busty Stacey Poole nude in the shower

31 comments on “Stacey Poole NUDE Video!”

  1. bossman says:

    Wow! That is a body to worship right there. From the neck down she is the total package.

  2. BeerBoy says:

    Her body is fucking awesome!

  3. Jeff says:

    This is so goddamn hot is unbelievable. Someone please tell me how to download this! I have a terrible feeling it won’t be long until it’s taken down. Something this awesome is ALWAYS taken down. . .

  4. what says:

    I see a landing strip at the 8:57 mark 🙂

  5. Tits´r nice says:

    This body is to die for, shes got a bit of a horse-face, but i like that it makes her look more ordanary. This if the first time i see her all naked, i like were this is going..

  6. Al_Anon says:

    Are here tits getting even bigger? Not that I’m complaining but I only remember them being ‘big’ before, not ‘huge’. Either way, her body is fricken awesome. And for once she’s showing her ass without covering it with pantyhose … sweet

    I went to Daily Motion (the site its hosted on) and downloaded it with DownloadHelper on Firefox.

  7. Mikey Sky says:

    I was never really thrilled by her but after watching that, she has shot right up the list for me. She showed no sign of shyness and that shaved pussy which she didn’t care if it could be seen was the icing on the cake. 50/50 face but the rest is the gold.

    I get the impression that Stacey is up for anything and by that, we have a lot to look forward to.

  8. PhoenixFireless says:

    A body made for sex

  9. Blue says:

    I came home wanting some Stacey P. This was more than enough. I can’t download though (with download helper)

  10. dood says:

    Thank the white baby jesus for this video! She is amazing. Anyone that complains about her face needs a set of eyeglasses.

  11. jedi says:

    Might she be the modern day Linsey Dawn Mckenzie? Hopefully!

  12. aribald says:

    Her body is amazing, but her face spoil it so bad. With a nice face she would have been so incredible… I’m sad, can’t fap on this for this reason

  13. nothingmore says:

    She looks sort of like Paul Stanley with tits. Very, very nice tits.

  14. Sol says:

    All y’all faggots hating on her face can go fuck yourselves. Stacey Poole is perfect from head to toe

  15. LexingtonSteele says:

    Agree with Jeff. Videos this nice usually get taken down.
    Had to jerk off to this. Money shot at 9:30 mins

  16. punjabi says:

    I think she has fake tits. Can anyone confirm?

  17. Hayden W Fan says:

    She has some of the most natural breats I have ever seen.

  18. motorboater says:

    The butt hurt over some guys not liking her face is funny.

  19. corpse paint says:

    let’s get a record number of comments on this video! and about the face: is there any one of you who would see this girl in real life and think, “hrm broken face, what a shame”? phuck no, you’d say to your peers, “check out the naked chick in the shower, OMG!”

  20. Sam says:

    Seriously she needs a nose job. Her body is siiick! I also like that she has a little xtra weight on her here and there

  21. Creed Bratton says:

    If she starts doing Leanna Decker style modeling, oh boy! Classy, hot, full frontal would be a dream.

  22. Dayum says:

    I’m moving to the UK. Jebus dat body

  23. Papoace says:

    Wow ! That’s hot

  24. Younothis says:

    Guys, Stacey is the best out their at the moment for sure. Her boyfriend is so lucky its untrue because her body especially those boobs and tan is mind blowing having sex with her must be an absolute dream. Get this video as quick as u can because I’m sure it will be taken down because it’s from her official site

  25. Joe says:

    Glamour models shouldn’t need to put a bag over their head.

  26. Mike says:

    BTW Did any one besides me see the see through lingerine? Puss!

  27. Andreas says:

    Fantastic!!! So many hot new brittish babes right now. Joey Fisher is my fav but Stacey is the runner up. Amazing boobs + she has that special something that makes her stand out from the rest.

  28. corpse painted taint says:

    @Andreas, yeah yeah Joey Fisher is equally wonderful!

  29. little french boy says:

    video down 🙁

  30. Max says:

    she has boyfriends?

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