Spying on Stacey P

Hot spy shots of Stacey P walking around the backyard in sexy lingerie! These are outtakes from a Nuts photo shoot and they look like they are part of the same shoot these Holly Peers and Joey Fisher pics are from.

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Spying on Stacey PSpying on Stacey PSpying on Stacey PSpying on Stacey P

10 comments on “Spying on Stacey P”

  1. Theoderich says:

    Those pics are really damn hot. What a stunning body.

  2. Booblovah says:

    I hope Stacey P will do all naked full body shots soon. Or even better, a porn flick. :o)

  3. Stevie says:

    I love this girl’s body. I agree with the guy above. She would be great in porn.

  4. Bigbrafitter says:

    She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to titfuck her

  5. corpse taint says:

    Lol @ Bigbrafitter! She’s a looker.

  6. dood says:

    It would be insane to be on location for one of her photo shoots. How could anyone walk around with boners because of her hotness?

  7. TitsMcFuck says:

    I guess you guys didn’t look at her face….

  8. jerry says:

    How did she know to cover her pussy?

  9. Lance burton says:

    One of the most girl like trannies out there.

  10. blue says:

    fuck this is the best one from her in a while

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