Sophie Rundle Topless from Episodes

This is actress Sophie Rundle and she did a topless scene for a show called Episodes. I’ve never heard of her before but wow, that is a magnificent set of natural boobs!! I am definitely aware of her now.

Famous boobs at: Mr. Skin

Sophie Rundle toplessSophie Rundle toplessSophie Rundle toplessSophie Rundle topless

10 comments on “Sophie Rundle Topless from Episodes”

  1. Sparky says:

    Fantastic tits. Video here:

  2. Kyuss says:

    What a pair of Tits, best pair of naturals ever, pure joy

  3. motorboater says:

    Surprised this hasn’t drawn a comment so far. That is a cracking pair of titties and bod.

  4. Gerque says:

    Great tits! And a brilliant show, too! Ridiculously funny!

  5. Neil&Bob says:

    It’s Labia… Her character on the show is named Labia (seriously)! You should watch ‘Episodes’ it’s hilarious.

  6. Swamp Meister says:

    Hello; nail her right there on the kitchen counter, whilst you sip your cold beer. What a great GF; titties and beer upon coming home. Wish I had a nice one like this! Regards

  7. Enigma says:

    Didn’t make a lot of sense.

    Matt Leblanc loves having sex with lots of women and he loves breasts and food.

    Beautiful woman with incredible tits wants him and STANDS NAKED IN HIS KITCHEN BAKING COOKIES and he’s furious.

    Isn’t that like every man’s fantasy? Naked woman, cookies, beer? What else do you need?

  8. Joe says:

    Enigma: It’s revealed in a later episode that he DID bang her. Of course he couldn’t resist, he’s only human! lol

  9. ted says:

    Damn, I saw her on a TV show and thought she was hot but Im dissapointed at how saggy her breasts are. Shes only young and they look like shes in her 40s and they are uneven.

  10. jason13 says:

    ted, those type of enormous natural tits looks like fallen because pure naturen physics, you have seen a lot of porn with fake boobs girls. i had a pair od similar tits last year on my hands and around my cock and it’s wonderful, of course i fucked that girl many hours

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