16 comments on “Sophie Howard – Topless Fun in the Sun”

  1. AsianLVR says:

    Thats just NUTS, and Id’ like her to play with my NUTS!…. 🙂

  2. Marley'sGhost (but which one?) says:

    I would be willing to sleep in the bath for a month if it meant I could run my tongue over those nipples. Just once would do. Each nipple, of course.

  3. PSI says:

    Hottest woman alive. More Sophie!

  4. Thomas says:

    Niklas, is there ANY way to download these videos?

    We can’t even enjoy it in full screen and Firefox download helper does not acknowledge this flash player.

  5. vadhorniiiiiiiiiiii says:

    hotest female alive (u must download real player to keep this little hot treasure)

  6. Dave says:

    was anyone else able to look past the huge cans and notice that she seems to have pimples above her sternum? why i noticed that, i don’t know…

  7. t c howards says:

    She looks really bad, awful in this video. Has huge tattoo on back and a lot of zits between those great boobs! Seeing those just took my eyes away for those gorgeous nipples.

  8. Niklas says:

    @ Thomas – Try Orbit Downloader, that usually works

  9. Alfie says:

    I’m in love..

  10. 9 ft. midget says:

    I noticed the acne also. She’s not lookin her best in this video, but I’d still do her til I had no feeling anymore.

  11. Emmitt Otter says:

    Even Sophie not looking so great looks better than almost anyone else.

  12. Pinoy says:

    Zits maybe due to too much boob fucking!

  13. pimp says:

    anyone successfully get that video downloaded? I couldnt get it with orbit downloader.

  14. french little guy says:

    sophie : you’re definitively my favourite !

  15. titfuckingfan says:

    First off Pinoy, there is no such thing as too much boob fucking, and secondly, if that is titfucking related acne, then that’s the only acne I’ve ever seen that I would consider “attractive”!

    Just kidding about the acne (maybe). 😉

    By the way, I can’t download it either. Usually you can just go into Firefox’s cache and change the file extension but no luck with these brightcove flash vids. 🙁

  16. Dawg says:

    for the guys who think those were acne they were not she have lupus, she might have been flairing up when she did that photoshoot. People with lupus get these type of rash that look like acne on their body.

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