Sofia Vergara’s Boobs Shooting Bullets from Machete Kills

Fuck yeah!

Sofia Vergara

6 comments on “Sofia Vergara’s Boobs Shooting Bullets from Machete Kills”

  1. Papoace says:

    Luv her !!! She’s so hot and sexy

  2. rog79 says:

    I’d eat her fucking bumhole

  3. Dutch says:

    she is this generation’s Charo…just sayin’….

  4. DanThe... says:

    Charo?! Dutch, you must be joking…that woman went from midly attractive to straight up freak of nature in recent years. I really don’t think Ms. Vergara will ever want or need a badly done breast augmentation, I’m quite certain she probably won’t go for a bewildering facelift and she’s never been some crazy little girl married to some dude old enough to be her grand father. You should thank all the rampant corruption, ridiculously high crime rate, and unreasonably high cost of living for forcing Ms. Vergara to move out of Colombia.

  5. Craig D says:

    how stupid!

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