Shauna Sand Dropping Her Panties

Some days I just want to post pics of a slut. Like one of those girls who should be a pornstar but for some reason arent. Usually I satisfy my slut cravings with Michelle Marsh but since Ive run out of good pics of her I will post these pics of uber slut Shauna Sand dropping her panties. My only question is, where is the rest of this series? I assume what happend next was Shauna masturbating on top of a car or something.

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Shauna Sand Shauna Sand Shauna Sand Shauna Sand Shauna Sand

3 comments on “Shauna Sand Dropping Her Panties”

  1. ubiquitousnihility says:

    Sure you don’t mean JODIE Marsh?

  2. Edward says:

    Or perhaps a tranny that looks like Jodie Marsh. I mean, those toes are a bit on the long side….and the fake boobs….the overly muscled legs…well…must be my imagination….

  3. HandyMan says:

    Damn, I was so wishing you meant Michelle Marsh…I would LOVE to see her being a slut! Anyhow, Shauna Sand looks so bad these days…almost like Joan Rivers. Anyway, that’s the kind of girl we’d all probably hit, but we’d need to give her a dirty sanchez or something just to get off.

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