Seth Macfarlane – We Saw Your Boobs at the Oscars

Seth Macfarlane opened the 2013 Oscars with the brilliant song We Saw Your Boobs, in which he matched the actress with the movie she showed off her boobs in! He is a funny guy that Macfarlane.

Mr. Skin which is the premiere site for movie nudity has already put together a playlist of each scene Seth Macfarlane listed:

13 comments on “Seth Macfarlane – We Saw Your Boobs at the Oscars”

  1. Gerque says:

    Hahaha outstanding!! Kate Winslet bit is ridiculously funny

  2. Alan Halsall says:

    Didn’t go down too well with some of the miserable bitches in the audience though

  3. I Just Ejaculated Everywhere says:

    I like Family Guy, and you better believe I like boobs – but this was not funny at all.

    It’s such sad dated humour. Also, Hilary Swank and Jodie Foster were playing rape victims, who were being raped when they showed their boobs. Nice one Seth 🙁

    Why do we have to have pictures and videos of a guy on this site anyway – bring on the boobs!

  4. Stevie says:

    This guy is a real dumb ass. He should not be invited back. You don’t sing about boobs on network TV. Kids are watching.

  5. Joe says:

    Alan Halsall, those weren’t their actual reactions. If you had half a brain, you’d have noticed that they were sitting in a different room, wearing different clothes and had different haircuts. That’s because they edited in clips of them from previous awards ceremonies. In other words, you’re a moron.

  6. Kelly B says:

    My god… this was utter shit.

  7. Gerque says:

    Anyone who can’t see the silly, funny side of this has a pretty shit sense of humour. It’s a light joke, get over it.

    Any they weren’t being raped, they were actresses playing a part. Big difference, idiot.

  8. I Just Ejaculated Everywhere says:


    You actually think that I believe Jodie Foster and Hilary Swank were raped for real? If you think so then you’re the “idiot”.
    But those two movies are both based on true stories – so that’s something else for you to think about. Imagine what this stupid song does for the families of the people these movies were based on.

    Don’t get me wrong, Hilary has a great rack, but I would never use a rape scene as reference to that.

    That’s not the point, the point is that the characters were being raped on film – it was a representation of rape – and so this stupid song trivialises rape.
    I’ve never been raped, and since I’ll never end up in jail I probably never will, but women and men who have been raped find it a terrifying ordeal and they never get over it. My friend’s sister was raped, and trust me, it’s no laughing matter.

    So turning rape (real or acted) into a joke by saying “huh huh, I saw your tits” is not funny or cool.

    Since you’re in a minority on this forum, I’d shut up if I were you. “Idiot”!

  9. Psychobob says:

    No problem with jerking it to rape scenes . There’s a whole genre of porn of that. It’s quite popular. Those are real stories too

  10. Me says:

    Good god I hope Stevie is trolling.

  11. Gerque says:

    For someone with the web handle “I just ejaculated everywhere” you certainly take yourself very seriously. Get a sense of humour. Idiot.

  12. I Just Ejaculated Everywhere says:

    I have a fine sense of humour, you “idiot”, as you can tell by my name.

    I’m so sorry if I don’t find rape amusing – I hope to hell that Psychobob is trolling.

    Perhaps when it’s your wife, sister, friend, grandmother (yeah, it happens), or even yourself you’ll change your opinion on it.

    Hey, why don’t we just joke about murder or paedophilia too.

  13. Gerque says:

    Hey I’m sorry man I really was only joking, I wasn’t trying to get a reaction initially but I was with my second response. But you know, you’re very entitled to ur opinion and I’m sure your reasons are justified. I do still think its funny, and I don’t see why the scenes have any bearance on the Seth clip, but I do get what you’re saying. I’m just in the other side of things – I laugh at anything, including my own life, as an ex police officer black humour is how we handle things and I never take things very seriously. But you do understand those things, and that’s cool. I didn’t mean to offend you, it was just a joke and I hope it hasn’t upset you *too* much!

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