Rihanna Uploads Boobs but are They Hers?

Thanks to Mediatakeout.com for copying the pic that pop starlet Rihanna posted on her Instagram account. The sexy Caribbean pop star posted a pic of a beautiful pierced boob and moments later removed it. Makes you wonder who’s boob it is? Either way, it seems that Rihanna loves boobs as she was also seen partying it up in Miami at the King Of Diamonds strip club over the weekend. She was seen spending upwards of 8k on a few of those hot ladies with big boobs.


2 comments on “Rihanna Uploads Boobs but are They Hers?”

  1. bob says:

    no, she has that god-awful tattoo in between/under hers

  2. Lance burton says:

    Nope. Its not her…..Unless she smoked herself back in time.

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