8 comments on “Priya Rai Represents India Well”

  1. gimme more (AJ) says:

    dude! i am indian .. n i totally agree wit u!

  2. lolk says:

    yeh, shes fkn fine…. cant honestly see anything wrong with that one

  3. Drendar says:

    I wonder if she tastes like curry… 😀

  4. gimme gimme says:

    now why can’t all indian women look like this!?
    damn, now thats what i call a fine woman!
    too bad… she probably only go for the rich peeps.

  5. Alex says:

    Priya is an exotic dancer — you can get yourself a lapdance from her in Vegas. No joke 😉

  6. Ilikeit94 says:

    damn!,i’d like to get in the bed with her!

  7. Slick Boy says:

    Buffest asoin nude girl on tha Web!!!

  8. Rajeev Rai says:

    India is RAising, kool next time represent an Indian male model too u will look beautiful. tc 🙂

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