6 comments on “Priya Rai in a Striped Suit”

  1. The hobbit says:

    #7 everything’s gone wrong with her there

  2. Max Powers says:

    Why even post shit like this? No one would ever find this ugly bitch attractive.

    Look at those mangled tits and that clown face. How about you just post hot chicks from now on?

  3. Mikey Sky says:

    In pic 7 her nipple and tit looks disgusting. On top of that, her face looks fucked up.

  4. fuzzybear says:

    @Mikey Sky ,I agree completely.I’m surprised she let them keep that picture

  5. ed says:

    no problem with her look, just the stupid fake screams when she fucks………

  6. Alex says:

    ed, I totally agree!

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