4 comments on “Payton Preslee Bra and Panty Strip!”

  1. Iron Balls McGinty says:

    Here’s a PERFECT one to make shit smear royne’s empty head explode; no bush, but ink in it’s place, AND pierced nipples.

  2. deewok says:

    nice butt/ thighs……
    Sleeve is ok, but not a great fan of her other tatts tbh…
    But hey.. MR be pulling the heid aff himself as he works himself inta a frenzy.

    Everyones got to have a hobby likes….

  3. mikeroyne says:

    covered in nasty, gross tatts with the dead eyed stare. someone send this realdoll back for reconditioning

    1. herrrr says:

      Covered in insults & insecurity, someone send you back for sterilization.

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