Daria, Erin Star and Helen Star in Micro Bikinis!

Another set from Scoreland’s latest On Location shoot, and they got huge titty babes Daria, Erin Star and Helen Star hanging out by the pool in micro bikinis for this one! Some chunky ladies but I bet they are a lot of fun to be on vacation with.

Pictures from: Scoreland

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7 Reasons Why Men Love Big Boobs During Sex

Big Boobs

It’s no secret that men love big boobs. It’s only natural. There are even some reproductive reasons behind it. A man needs to make sure that his woman is going to be able to feed his children. That’s why he seeks out the girl with the biggest boobs that he can find. If they’re nice and massive, then they can feed as many kids as he can give her. Of course, there are other reasons behind it. Big boobs are nice for a whole lot more than feeding babies. Here are the top 7 reasons.

#7 They’re Nice To Watch

When a man is having sex with a woman, he wants to feel like he’s taking her for a ride. He needs to make sure he’s giving her the best and most intense pounding of her entire life. That’s where her big boobs come into play. They’re amazing to look at when you’re thrusting yourself inside someone. Banging her hard enough to make her boobs jump around can turn you on more than the sex itself. Just look at the way women in Ahegao Porn roll their eyes back when they get pounded. That’s how a guy wants to make his woman feel every single time.

#6 They’re Fun To Grab Onto

It doesn’t matter what kind of a position the sex is happening in. Every guy in the world is going to want to grab on to a big pair of boobs. If she’s on top, he’ll reach up and pinch her nipples. If she’s on the bottom, he’ll lean in and suck on them. If she’s on her knees and he’s behind her, he’ll give her boobs a reach around. Nothing feels better to a guy than being inside a girl and playing with her boobs at the same time.

#5 They Can Rest On His Face

One of the best things that can happen to a guy is to have a girl with big boobs riding him. He just gets everything from this position. He can sit back and watch her expressions. He can adjust himself to go deeper or work her G-spot. Best of all, the woman can lean forward and let her boobs rest on his face. The feeling he gets when his face is nuzzled in between them is better than anything else he could possibly feel on this planet.

#4 They Can Be Extremely Sensitive

The only thing better than a pair of big boobs is a pair of big boobs with sensitive nipples. It just makes his life a whole lot easier. His main goal is to give the women a powerful orgasm. He wants to make her feel as good and she’s ever felt and sensitive nipples make that happen. Once he starts playing with them, he can see her get closer and closer to an eye roll orgasm. That’s really the end goal. If she’s feeling so good that her eyes go back into her head, he’s done his job.

#3 They Sound Amazing

The most overlooked thing about big boobs is how they sound when they clap together. It lets him know that he’s giving her the pounding that she needs. When she’s being fucked so hard that her boobs starts banging against each other, he can rest assured that he’s going to make her cum. It’s that pounding that gets her closer and closer and her boobs are the way you can judge your work. Make them clap together and you’re well on your way to giving her the orgasm she deserves.

#2 They’re The Reason He Wanted Her

If a woman has big boobs, they’re always the reason that a guy tries to have sex with her. Seeing those things behind a shirt just drives him wild. He’ll do anything to make sure he can see them out of it. That’s why he pulls out all of the stops to seduce her. She can have almost anything she wants, as long as she sleeps with him afterward. Any woman who has guys all around her always has her own big boobs to thank for it. Any guy will lose his mind over them.

#1 Other Guys Want Them

The number one reason that a guy loves big boobs during sex is that he knows all of the other guys want them. He knows that being the one to have sex with the girl is driving them crazy. They’d do anything to be in his position. It drives them insane with jealousy. The guy who has the girl also has a massive ego because of it. He’s the one who gets to see them naked, not them. He won the game and he’ll always be proud of his accomplishment of getting a girl with big boobs.

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