Nude Fast Food in Japan

Hungry? How about hitting up this burger place in Japan where the staff is completely NUDE!! Amazing tits on the girl who is taking an order in this clip. I could do without naked customers though.

Clip from: All Japanese Pass

6 comments on “Nude Fast Food in Japan”

  1. ac3boy says:

    Must be a bitch to work the fryer or grill.

  2. BeerBoy says:

    Nice tits!!!!

  3. Adilson says:

    Do not buy when the girl is of tpm, is very dangerous

  4. dood says:

    “Would you like those titties regular or super size?”

  5. Chris says:

    Rio Hamasaki if anyone’s interested.

  6. YotaruVegeta says:

    I’m genki in my pants!

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