New Pic From Collen – My Free Implants

Colleen from My Free Implants sent me a new topless picture in hopes that you guys would donate some more cash for her breast operation.

You can check out her profile and donate a couple of bucks right here

5 comments on “New Pic From Collen – My Free Implants”

  1. F... says:

    shit if i’m donating money so that she could get free implants, i should at least see her topless…not like this…

  2. R. says:

    Once again. She’s an attractive woman who, in my opinion, doesn’t need to change.
    I understand wanting to boost ones moral, but to change yourself in a drastice way seems unneeded. Especially when there are people out there with “poor” figures and do not fit the sterotypical standard of beauty. Colleen you’re lovely the way you are. I promise you this. You have an incredible figure that no altering could make better.

    Oh, and F…, would you actually donate even if you could see something? Or are you more like myself and to broke to help yourself let alone someone else..

  3. Jason says:

    F. All ya gotta do is send her a message or two, maybe a small donation and if ya ask nice she would probably show ya what she’s got.

  4. J says:

    Doesn’t look like she needs implants

  5. F... says:

    haha well it was just a joke and a agree with R. she is pretty and doesn’t need them, i hate implants anyways i dont see what’s so sexy about 2 water baloons clearly not natural streached out, natural is always better whether big or small

    and yah i’m broke as hell haha

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