Nerd Muriel

Here is Muriel proving that nerdy girls can be really hot. At least when they get naked. Now, if you will excuse me I am going to go bang my local librarian.

Pictures from: Hegre-Art
Muriel Muriel Muriel Muriel Muriel Muriel

8 comments on “Nerd Muriel”

  1. no says:

    no. she is ugly as turdshit.

  2. yes says:

    turdshit is looking pretty good these days!

  3. but... says:

    its about the boobies, not how attractive they are (unless theyre hidiously unattractive) and to me she has the perfect set of knockers.

  4. Kelly Hu says:

    “ugly as turdshit”? You are a fucking asshole, she isnt that bad at all. And she has a fantastic body.

    Would love to see your face, champ, if you had the balls to post a link for all to see.

  5. No says:

    I visit this site every morning because it is some of the best content around, but I just had to comment on how ugly and worthless these pictures are. I’d rather fuck my mom again than this chick.

    Here’s a picture of me, Kelly Hu:
    Niklas says: I dont think so

  6. ac3boy says:

    “All right, I am totally flaccid, but thank you anyway, ma’am. I appreciate your time.” – Peter Griffin

  7. Dave says:

    You guys are crazy. This chick is slammin. Great rack, nice and thin, and her face is alright. Nothing special, but not bad. Compared to that girl Katya posted earlier today, this girl is a beauty queen.

  8. someone else says:

    she’s ugly as fuck

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