More of Boobie Blog Girlfriend #26!

Everyone enjoyed Boobie Blog girlfriend #26 and why wouldn’t you? Those are some of the most epic naturals seen on the site! So, #26 and her husband decided to share some more photos and they are great. Really like that sideboob view!

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8 comments on “More of Boobie Blog Girlfriend #26!”

  1. Paul says:

    Those are nice boobs.

    My wife has a nice pair but unfortunately not in the same league as those gigantic puppies.

  2. Scooter says:


    First off… They’re absolutely marvelous. Just marvelous.
    Secondly… That first pic shows off that she’s not just a 1 trick pony!
    She’s got quite a figure to rack those puppies on.
    Thirdly… What are you doing *here*?? Hanging out with us???

    With all due respect to Nik and what he’s built here…
    For the love of God…Go home!!
    You have everything you need, you greedy little fuck.

    Leave the scraps to rest of us…

  3. Deckard says:

    Wow! Thanks to both of them for sharing! Lucky husband 🙂

  4. corpse paint says:

    To either the husband or the wife:

    How is all the attention you get in public? Bearable, unbearable? I bet you never pay for a drink…and I bet that gets old after a while (?)

  5. jackyy says:

    finally an update! Been blowing my load to the previous set for weeks. I wanna fuck her in standing doggy so badly

  6. YV says:


  7. Roberto says:

    Amazing tits. I couldn’t be with her because I’d never want to stop fucking and go to work.

  8. mr hung says:

    perfect figure!

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