11 comments on “Michelle Monaghan in the Bath”

  1. me says:

    Yeah, it’s the face. She looks like somebody tried to clone Jana Defi (not all that pretty to begin with) and screwed the face up in the process.

    Still AMAZING boobs, though. I’m sure this chick is gorgeous in the dark.

  2. sholey says:

    Her face looks like the red-haired one in the x-men movies.
    Completely different chest tho…

  3. Paul says:

    if i was bollock deep inside her i would not complain!!!

  4. morrdigan says:

    I like her face just fine. Ill take her. Course I like the other parts better..

  5. Mughal344 says:

    Great tits, Amazing fucking I love Big Titty Ladies Yeh!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Aaron says:

    Don’t say “bollock” you fucking retarded UK cocksuckers. It comes across as absolutely slimy and retarded sounding through text and we don’t need your stupid assed dialect in our heads.

    This bitch actually knows how to take a bath properly and her face has character. She’s fucking gorgeous, I’d love to see more of her. Absolutely stunning smile.

  7. hoowunnam says:

    woah calling people cocksuckers an bitches this guy must be one of them big time american gangsters from the movies, do us all a favour go fill your mouth full of automatic weapon an pull the trigger.

    this girls got more nipples than you got brain cells

  8. JoJoMILFy says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is with her face. I have definitely seen less attractive women. Anyways, she looks hot to me and I’d so love to introduce my tongue to all her parts…

  9. paul young says:

    Iv worked with michelle on my first ever glamour shoot . She is a star

  10. Mike says:

    Damn. She has nice tits. I would love to slide my big dick between those massive tits and slide it back and forth until I unleash a massive load on her massive tits.

  11. JANANA says:

    Michelle Monaghan looking excellent with some fine tits. I would love to fuck her in her bath tub and cum on her tits before milking them into my mouth. She is great and great. Thanks to her for giving the chance to see her excellent big tits.

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