Michelle Marsh Hotness

These photos are from way back in 2003 but we’re not exactly spoiled with Michelle Marsh shoots lately so I wanted to post this anyway. Not sure where this is from but Michelle Marsh is tied up and looking spectacular!

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Michelle Marsh topless and tied upMichelle Marsh topless and tied upMichelle Marsh topless and tied up

11 comments on “Michelle Marsh Hotness”

  1. morrdigan says:

    Those are some great pics! Fuck she is hot!

  2. 9 ft. midget says:

    Only 3? Was this like a 2 minute photoshoot?

  3. Wiseone says:

    Holy Jeekers Batman thats HOWT!!!!!!!

    Makes me proud to be from Oldham ^^

  4. jugdish says:

    Fucking incredible. I miss Michelle immensely.

  5. cupsoverfloweth says:

    At her peak, truly amazing. From 2003–2005 the best breasts, bar none.

    And, from that time, the #1 fantasy titfuck

  6. Edward says:

    Just shows that when you have a photographer who knows how to take and edit a photo, it makes a huge difference. I’d love to see Keeley Hazell do these same shots with the same person editing the photos. It would be mindblowing.

    Then again, Keeley and Michelle in a girl-on-girl thing would make my world a very happy place.

  7. caesers says:

    marshy is definitely an all-time favorite!

  8. I spy says:

    I’d rather see the original pics and compare them to the finished ones. Lets see just how perfect she really is.

  9. Andreas says:

    Wow! When I see this pics I just realise once again that she is an 11 on a 10 grade scale…

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