Michelle Keegan Posts Pic of Her Boobs on Instagram?

Last night a photo of a topless girl in a tub appeared on British soap actress Michelle Keegan’s Instagram along with a photo of Michelle enjoying a bubble bath with only toes visible. The boob picture was deleted SIX SECONDS later but still reposted hundreds of times on Twitter.

Michelle has denied that she is the topless girl and blamed it as a prank by her friend Hayley Moynihan. Her agent Laura Graham has also stated that “Her friend got her passwords.” So, what do you think? A prank or genuine picture of big boobs posted by mistake?

The boobs:
Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan in a bikini for comparison:
Michelle Keegan

The pic of Michelle soaking in a bubble bath:
Michelle Keegan

12 comments on “Michelle Keegan Posts Pic of Her Boobs on Instagram?”

  1. BeerBoy says:

    The boobs don’t look big enough to be hers.
    But they are very nice!

  2. Me says:

    The boobs in the bikini pic are much more saggy and hanging much lower than the tub pic. Even if she’s lying back totally flat in the tub the bikini boobs wouldn’t look like that. Definitely not her.

  3. ac3boy says:

    @Me Second the motion.

  4. Joe says:

    It’s her. Why the hell else would it have been deleted SIX SECONDS after it was posted? She posted it by mistake, realised she had done, deleted it straight away and then made up some bullshit about being “hacked”.

  5. Matt says:

    Definitely her. Why would she delete it so quick if it was a prank. Plus the fact it was taken in the bath and she posted a picture from the bath just before!

    People saying hers are too saggy obviously don’t realise boobs can be pushed and squeezed into all sorts of shapes, especially to make them look nicer like as is the case here.

    In any case, great pair of tits

  6. Rexx says:

    Definitely in the “it’s her” camp – Technology + stupid busty girls always ends up in them doing something like this. It’s pretty clear she meant to (and thought she was) send a DM but instead just tweeted the pic normally – realized it, and then boom gone.

  7. That guy says:

    Obviously her, boobs are being pushed in by her arms and the chin looks the same as in the pic below.

  8. corpse paint says:

    whether it’s her or not, we all win. that michelle keegan is one of the finest pieces of work i’ve seen in the past 10 years on the intarweb.

  9. Kelly B says:

    DAMMMNN! Wow.. Ela blew me away not too long ago and now this.. she is just simply stunning. But see Ela passes the big test – every inch of her exposed and a big thumbs up, the big question is can Ms Keegan pass the same test? Someone must write to her – immediately – and ask if she will strip and frolic about naked. Please, hurry!

  10. YV says:

    I thank her for sharing her lovlies with us!

  11. leon23 says:

    its definately her… she was probably trying to upload another non-boob related bath pic but uploaded this by mistake.. its happened to me a few times.. you know what iphones are like. especially if you have small fingers and you try doing anything with one hand… her excuse was lame though.. poor. thank god for iphones.. my life is now half complete 😀 haha

  12. Beer4Me says:

    We need someone to go under-cover and verify that freckle on the right boob… oo-oo pick me, pick me…

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