Mariah Carey In St Barths

Mariah Carey was in St Barths with her boy toy one day before the new year and I dont know if I would say that she looks good but she sure looks busty! I have to wonder what their sex life is like. I bet either Mariah is a giant freak in bed or more likely she is all diva like and wont touch the penis without wearing gloves.

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6 comments on “Mariah Carey In St Barths”

  1. Aaron says:

    She’s got one of the best tit-jobs I’ve ever seen her surgeon deserves a nobel peace prize.

    I bet she just loves that fat, young, black cock deep inside her old cunt. Pounding her so deep and hard until it cums inside her. With the high notes she hits it would be epic if she was a screamer in bed. Am I wrong?

  2. Wedge says:

    She’s another one I would fuck until she went sane.

  3. Edward says:

    I’ve always liked her body, even before the boob job. You are correct about her surgeon, Aaron.

  4. dum dum says:

    My God men!!! she is fake, old and ugly.. What do people see in her??

  5. Juggz101 says:

    starting to sag… her best days definately over. Another tease just like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rachel Stevens…. teases like that should be shot in my opinion, lol. COS IT AINT FAIR!!

  6. jaytex says:

    Anyone else notice how 99.9% of photos taken of Mariah always show the left side of her face? Of course, she requires photograhpers to only take her photos of her left side. What vanity for who is becoming ol’ saggin’ tits! Can’t wait for some pussy shots of her–bet her beaver is as bald as an eagle.

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