Mammary Memmory Game

Here is something to waste your time at work this morning! Find the matching boobs as fast as you can and post how you did in the comments! I finished the medium level in 31 attempts.

9 comments on “Mammary Memmory Game”

  1. Kezz says:

    Medium 30 attempts. 😀

  2. Russ says:

    medium 29 attempts :p

  3. John says:

    Medium 30 attempts, Hard 59 attempts.

  4. BigBob says:

    Medium DNF , Pissed me right off!

  5. DiscoStu says:

    Medium, 21 attempts

  6. jimrx7 says:

    medium – 33, hard – 42 (got real lucky on some of them)

  7. Neil says:

    Medium in 28 attempts XD

  8. zac says:

    63 on hard, i could’ve done better, but was… distracted

  9. zinc says:

    medium in 25 attempt

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