Lulu Sexbomb In A Bikini

I dont care what any of you guys say! Lulu Sexbomb is hot! Not in a “I want to marry you and take you home to meet my parents” sort of hot, but rather “I want to have kinky sex with you before I get married to that other cute chick” sort of hot. I’d hit it at least twice.

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Lulu Sexbomb

18 comments on “Lulu Sexbomb In A Bikini”

  1. anonymous says:

    Okay, okay, so she’s a *hot* tranny. 😉

  2. oodie says:

    agree! sorta looks like a dude. whatever floats your boat i guess.

  3. Wedge says:

    I’m not seeing the “tranny” angle. I think she’s dirty-hot.

  4. Niklas says:

    I can start posting real trannies if you want?

  5. oodie says:

    lol no niklas!!
    the site is fine the way it is.
    i was just teasing. looks alot like my ex. cept for the tattoo and big boobs. hey i have been meaning to ask you. if you read this. i fuzzily remember you having the full kim kardashian tape. do you still have it. or am i totally losing it? i love your site. check it three times a day atleast. thanks

  6. lisa says:

    No tranny please, vomit

  7. lisa says:

    Lulu is nice

  8. Edward says:

    The nipples sort of look like a dude’s, I have to admit. Well, the face does too, now that I look at it. The implants are okay in the dark, I guess. Overall, I give this one a big “ugh”.

  9. Edward says:

    P.S.: Sorry, Lisa, the full panties are making me think it’s a guy, after all.

  10. Niklas says:

    ugh.. come on.. she do dildos etc and she definatley sticks them insider her VAGINA and not her butt.

  11. Edward says:

    Did you mean her “mangina”? No wonder the bikini bottom is bulging in the crotch.

  12. lisa says:

    I definitely don’t know, anyway Edward you’re entitled to your opinions, your funny 🙂

  13. karin says:

    Personally, I think she’s beautiful. I don’t think she is or ever was, a man.

  14. double-o says:

    i can say, she is 100% girl. i live in thailand and i see real tranny’s
    everyday. she is not even near.

  15. Y0 says:

    I wanna fuck her so bad…. My dick keeps shaking every video i wach of her

  16. jayjay says:

    Shes is definatly a girl.

    She was working as a prostitut in Germany from 2002 to 2005. I fucked her several times in every whole she got. Her anal performance was unbelievable. i don´t have a small one, but i sticked it up her but without any problems, she just pushed her butt against me and wanted it harder :-).

    From my third visit she let me fuck her without condom. When i fucked her pussy deep, i reached the end :-). Thats funny – i never had that with a german girl.

  17. dream says:

    i am int thailand

    i never meet her but i want to meet her

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