Lucy Pinder Showed Cleavage at a Party

For someone who makes her living by showing off her perfect tits, Lucy Pinder dress pretty modestly out in the real world. I guess everyone needs a break when they are off the clock and its actually something I like about her. Means she’s a girl you can take home to mama. Anyway, she did put on a HOT and cleavy dress at The Soviet Nuts Awards party in London last week and here are pics of that:

Use a Fleshlight while you view the pics.

Lucy Pinder cleavageLucy Pinder cleavageLucy Pinder cleavageLucy Pinder cleavageLucy Pinder cleavageLucy Pinder cleavage

6 comments on “Lucy Pinder Showed Cleavage at a Party”

  1. ac3boy says:

    Pic#4. She just turned around and saw the guy behind her no she is so scared for her life she is a little nauseous. LOL Looks like Costanza in his Gortex coat and Russian hat. HAHAHA

  2. corpse paint says:

    This girl is flawless in my book

  3. motorboater says:

    I have to say, Lucy is missing out on a lot of love I’d give her.

  4. motorboater says:

    Stacey Poole is such a butterface. But anyway…

  5. corpse paint says:

    @motorboater: can’t say I agree with you, but 100% of girls (rounding up here) are butterfaces when pitted against Lucy.

  6. Papoace says:

    Wow !!!! She’s sexy and hot luv her

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