Lucy Pinder In Nuts

Lucy Pinder is supposed to be presenting 100 naked babes in Nuts magazine but unfortunatley I dont have the list. Then again, do you need any other babes than Lucy Pinder? I love the shot of her on all four!

Are the pictures broken? please send me an e-mail
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Lucy Pinder naked in NutsLucy Pinder naked in NutsLucy Pinder naked in NutsLucy Pinder naked in NutsLucy Pinder naked in Nuts

6 comments on “Lucy Pinder In Nuts”

  1. jugdish says:

    She continues to get skinnier and skinnier, but the rack isn’t suffering a bit. Gotta love the hint of the neatly trimmed vaj in pic #4. Amazing.

  2. Wedge says:

    She still makes me get short of breath. Ahh Lucy…

  3. Master Orion says:

    I have to say Lucy has withstood the test of time (so to speak) and while Vikki Blows has made her way to my favorites list, Lucy will always be an all time boner for me! My favorites list now consists of Lucy Pinder and Vikki Blows. End of list!

  4. oodie says:

    she looks like she’s a beast in the sack. She’s got a body on her.

  5. pfpfp says:

    wow, any chance of getting more pics from this issue? katie/sophie looks hot on the cover

  6. Wammy says:

    i need to clean my keyboard now

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