Lindsay Lohan Gets A Package

So, its been quiet around Lindsay Lohan recently. I guess her being locked up in a resort/rehab is the cause for that. Which reminds me, I cant believe she was caught driving drunk for the 20th time with possesion of cocain and she still gets to go to a resort / rehab instead of jail? Its like she’s one of the untouchables. Anyways, here she is with a package and big boobs.

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan
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4 comments on “Lindsay Lohan Gets A Package”

  1. kellen says:

    That’s one big box of coke!

  2. Snake says:

    she is looking more and more like a crack whore. but she appears to be a crack whore with ever growing boobs

  3. Edward says:

    She’s still hot to me. It’ll take another decade of hard partying before she’s to skanky for my tastes. Why, when she’s all drunk and stuff is probably the only time someone like me might have a chance!

  4. jeff says:

    what ever her problems are i hope she can get over them – shes still a very pretty girl – but i liked her as a red head better

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