Lindsay Lohan At Some Fendi Crap

Something called Fendi is celebrating some store or something and they invited a bunch of celebs like Lindsay Lohan who showed up in a cleavagey dress. Lindsay has been on the calm side ever since she got out of rehab which has its good and bad sides. Good is that she actually looks pretty nice these days but the bad is that she isnt flashing her tits and vagina as much.

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4 comments on “Lindsay Lohan At Some Fendi Crap”

  1. Leroy says:

    I could not possibly be more excited that she’s back to being a redhead.

  2. kellen says:

    She honestly has never looked better. Almost respectable. And in Pic #1,, could she show us any more of her tit without the nipple without just going to pasties instead of a dress? I’ve seen so many BAD pictures of her in the last 2 years that I had given up on her, but DAMN, she’s back, and better than ever.

  3. Edward says:

    She is a goddess. She is everything a woman should be, flaws and all. The great thing is she doesn’t really hide her imperfections. Her body is spectacular. Post more, Niklas. There must be boob shots out there somewhere!

  4. Matt says:

    Finally no more blonde and yes shes on her way to red but needs to be her old school red. Not bright enough. Shes really one of the few people who are f’d up in hollywood that I would like to see turn around.

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