Leanne Crow Lost Weight?

Prepare to have your mind blown because these self-shot pics of a topless Leanne Crow in blue panties are probably the best she has ever looked! Has she been working out? Her waist looks smaller and stomach flatter but her tits are just as huge as always! Great ass too. Keep up the good work Leanne!

Pictures from: Leanne Crow

Leanne Crow topless in pantiesLeanne Crow topless in pantiesLeanne Crow topless in pantiesLeanne Crow topless in pantiesLeanne Crow topless in pantiesLeanne Crow topless in panties

46 comments on “Leanne Crow Lost Weight?”

  1. John says:

    In the last pic her face looks like Ed Milibands.

  2. nothingmore says:

    She’s had lipo in the past (note the tell-tale strip tattoo placement right above crotch to hide the scars). That’s not all from lipo though, she’s clearly been working out a lot. Good for her for achieving an impossible figure. Her selfies are sexier than any of the professional shoots.

    Ed Milibands though? LOL

  3. Drakonov says:

    Her implants are more obvious now. Not that I am complaining as I love both fake and natural tits. But I find funny that people still think that her juggs are real. People are so naïve…

  4. Hayden W Fan says:

    Good joke, drakonov.
    She never had implants.

  5. Big Mike says:

    For quite some time I have suspected she had a laproscopic procedure to insert slightly under-filed implants with a possible internal bra.

    (I am a huge Leanne fan btw)

  6. ed says:

    Haydn, you’re right, I stood next to her in Oxford street , outside John Lewis’ 18months ago.. all home grown!

  7. Drakonov says:

    Sorry to give you this news but…She has scars on the lower part of her breasts, just where implants are usually inserted. In most videos the scars are covered with make up but in other they are clearly visible. Check out the “talk” session on her boobpedia page for the video showing the scars. It’s pretty obvious to anyone who has a brain that Leanne’s breasts are fake.

  8. Joe says:

    Implants or not, she looks awful. Busted up face, lumpy body and droopy tits. Yuck.

  9. Scott says:

    Cool patr about lipo, her body will still need to store fat, but with the fat cells removed from her tummy, now it will be stored in her breast (with or w/o implants) and her butt! Great either way! She looks awesome!

  10. ca uk says:

    firstly joe your a moron,, drakonov what are your talking about????? her tits are 100% real and i cant believe you cant see that,, jeez im getting so pissed off with guys who know fuck all about tits.. Ed has seen her up close and although she would have been clothed it was clear to him they are real.. watch any clips of her when shes on her back and squeezing her tits together its fucking so clear by the way they move there real… to many kids here who dont know what their talking about,, listen ive been into big tits for over 40 YEARS!!!!!!! I KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ca uk says:

    inexperienced kids commemting here..

  12. ca uk says:

    look at they way they sit in last pic…REAL!!!!!!!!!

  13. mighty mouse says:

    We should all pitch in to get her a new phone…just sayin

  14. Joe says:



  15. Big Mike says:

    I would love to see a video where she dims the lights and points a flashlight under her breasts. It would help illuminate this long debate. LoL

  16. ca uk says:


  17. Joe says:

    You’re not doing yourself any favours, ca uk. There are clearly scars underneath her breasts. If you refuse to accept that, you’re either blind or deluding yourself.

  18. bronson says:

    this JOE guy can’t tell the difference between fake and natural tits LOL! Anyone who doubts whether this incredible good looking woman tits are real or not go here:


    Reminds me of when people were convinced Jana’s tits were fake. Funny how that worked out. LOL!

  19. ca uk says:

    @joe,, what scars?? weve had this before on other blogs and i cant see any scars,, as i said earlier watch any clip when shes on her back and you can se from the movement when she squeezes tem together they are real.. augmented breasts dont have that fluidity my freind… ive been a score reader since 2002 and score also have her as a natural and im damn sure those guys know their onions,, ive been a tit-man for over 40 years myself and like to think i know what im talking about and i say there real… a lot of guys commenting here are teenagers who dont know tits… anyway joe have you seen leannes zip bra bikini shoot??? its fucking awesome,, take a look if you get time…

  20. ca uk says:

    @joe,, listen im sorry if i seem a bit full on but i really think there real,, take a look at the zip top bikini shoot and let me know what you think to it.. id like to hear your opinion on it..

  21. Larry Flint says:

    Her boobs are way too big relative to the rest of her body. She looks ridiculous.

  22. Joe says:

    ca uk

    Look at the video that was mentioned a few posts up. This image is taken from it: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/707/curiouse.png/

    There are CLEARLY scars underneath her breasts.

    But, either way, she’s still a mess.

  23. ca uk says:

    @bronson,, thankyou!! finaly someone that knows their tits,, not seen that clip before but its great and proves beyond doubt there REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take a look joe!!!!!!!!!!!! hey bronson what do you think to the leanne bikini zip bra shoot???

  24. Joe says:

    Yeah, I guess those clearly visible scars underneath her breasts are just figments of everyone else’s imagination eh, ca uk?

  25. ca uk says:

    there clearly a figment of your imagination joe…

  26. ca uk says:

    joe just looked at your link.. what scars????????? there not scars just some stretched skin thats all,, scars caused by breast augmentation are so clear and visible but this is not… how can you say shes a mess?? what are you on???

  27. Joe says:

    You’re delusional so there’s clearly no point in trying to point out the obvious to you.

  28. Neil says:

    Personally I think that she put on weight…her breasts and ass naturally grew…then she had lipo on her stomach areas and so retained the breast growth she had gained.

    I agree with CA UK, they move too fluidly for fake boobs…I dated a girl for a few months who had 34HH boobs, they looked just like Leanne Crow’s, it is possible! Let’s also not forget that Linsey Dawn Mckenzies boobs carried on growing quiet significantly through her twenties till her reduction!!

    As for the picture that Joe posted, I personally think they are marks from the under wires in her bra.

  29. Dan says:

    She’s definitely had ass implants. In her early pics, her ass was flat as a pancake.

    Also, shes fucking ugly

  30. ca uk says:

    Hey dan how about not commenting on here again you moron

  31. Pefr says:

    Who put you in charge of the comments, douchebag?

  32. ca uk says:

    no one put me in charge but when people make ridiculous comments like that it needs to be said…

  33. ofm says:

    look at her videos how they move


  34. max says:

    She has definitely had a boob job, they look real because they were obviously quite big before so the flesh covers the implants. anyone with natural boobs of this size would have them hanging down like spaniels ears with the weight. The fullness comes courtesy of implants. I know what I am talking about because I had the same.

  35. Dave says:

    For several years I dated a woman who, like Leanne Crow, had boobs that I initially believed HAD to be implants because they were simply too large (AND full / hard) to be otherwise, right? Wrong! To my astonishment, however, I soon discovered that she was 100% the freakish real deal. As with any dating couple who learn about each other’s background, I eventually saw pictues of her from childhood and onward. Beginning at about 12 yo, one thing was consistently conspicuous: her tits started exploding off of her chest and they kept growing until she was in her early twenties (similar for her sister, BTW). For as much fun as her tits were behind closed doors, in public they were mostly a pain in the ass (endless / awkward stares, ignorant comments from both men and women, “jokes,” finding clothes to reasonably conceal her huge-bust-to-normal-waist ratio that didn’t look like a tent, etc.).

    I’m only publishing this as a first-hand testament that proportions like Leanne’s, while certainly rare, can and DO exist. I would humbly suggest that guys just enjoy the views Leanne’s body affords us and forget the preoccupation of how she got that way, natural or otherwise. Does it really matter…?

  36. phil says:

    made out with her at a club here in LA, she was with a slightly taller blonde from the UK. Real tits and ass is suspect. she never let me get behind her. yes we had sex and yes, she loves black guys.

  37. max says:

    To Dave, yes you are right it doesn’t really matter to you guys I am sure. Of course it is possible to have enormous boobs naturally, but generally speaking past teenage years the laws of gravity come into play (try thinking of the science of it all!!) lol. It just irritates me when you see pictures of before and after which clearly indicate great change, scars underneath boobs- yes! and they or their promoters come out with this garbage of being completely natural when it is blatantly obvious to anyone with knowledge in this area that they are not. Leanne Crowe and others like her create a fantasy and make a lot of money in the process, and good luck to her. It is a fantasy in that it is not real, at least Jordan (Katie Price) who did the same and has made millions has got the decency to come clean. Enough said.

  38. Tomahawk says:

    They are indeed Real, as hard as it is to believe. Leanne used to frequent a club not far from me called “liquid lounge” and she got talking to my now ex girlfriend who wanted to be a model, leanne crow has macromastia which is the reason for her size, for those of you who wonder how her boobs don’t sag a lot more, it’s called regular exercise, she does just enough to keep them looking good

  39. Joeybagga says:

    God Id fuck her so hard if I ever got the chance

  40. Dr. Uggs R. Phun says:

    Leanne is my favorite big boob model, but am I convinced with the stories of natural growth? Well:

    -She shows up every so often with, simultaneously, bigger boobs/booty and a SMALLER waistline.
    -Her, huge, beautiful, tits look, unusually, perky but move “real”.
    -Her tummy looks “unnatural” when she’s at her slimmest.

    Is there any known way of achieving this “naturally”? -No.

    Is there a know way to achieve this surgically? Yes, cycles of weight gain followed by liposuction (of the tummy) and lipofilling (of the breasts and ass)

    If we apply Occam’s Razor, we can say that she, in all likelihood, does cycles of weight gain, then liposuction/filling.

  41. Alex says:

    I love them, but they’re fakes. I have a pic with her in different sizes over the years.

  42. hayden winters fan says:

    There is nothing fake, troll!

  43. Bob says:

    Oh her boobs are fake, the scars are easy to spot in more than a few pics but as she has got fatter the scars seem to have got stretched and faded a little bit but let’s be honest she looks more than a little rough without make up plus she is yet another fatty who thinks she is sexy, sorry but she really is not.

  44. anthony says:

    She’s still a fat cow that takes no dick!! Fucking lesbo!! Ugh waste of male time!!

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