6 comments on “Lauren Summer Getting Ready for a Shoot!”

  1. JNewsted14 says:

    Dang it. Still can’t find any posting for the job the other lady is doing.

  2. bob says:

    She needs a “look at me…please someone look at me. I need the attention because my 15 minutes are almost up” tattoo. In Chinese of course.

    1. Deewok says:

      Complaining about a hit neeked woman that dosnt have a,tattoo now.
      Yep…this site just got better..

      1. Bradford says:

        LOL. Some people will just never be happy.

    2. Iron Balls McGinty says:

      “Read my post ’cause I ain’t ever gonna get MY 15 minutes, so I’ll bitch about someone who did.” First class.

  3. Deewok says:

    That was my job spec at skool!
    Make up artist for Page 3!
    No brushes!!

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