12 comments on “Lana Kendrick Bikini Top Drop”

  1. Hayden W Fan says:

    There is no need for debate!
    They are really obvious real.

  2. dood says:

    That’s a beautiful girl.

  3. cureguy says:

    Of course they are real. No doubt!

  4. BeerBoy says:

    Wow! Nice tits!!!!!!!

  5. Andy says:

    Google peekandplay

  6. Kenorapilot says:

    That is Peekandplay from Reddit…..check out the tattoo on her foot. Compare it to Peekandplay’s photos……trust me!

  7. Hayden W Fan says:

    Yes thats her.
    It’s the same face.

  8. corpse paint says:

    well i for one am happy that she can get some money for what she’s got! i mean, search her name and you can basically give her a uterus exam just by pictures. for someone who isn’t afraid to show her face, that’s ris-kay. everyone shut up and give her your money!

  9. jugdish says:

    AYFKM … wow!

  10. boulderholder says:

    Pretty much the perfect package. Great body, pretty face, spectacular breasts plus she likes to fuck, gives blow jobs and tit fucks, rides cowboy and lets you cum over her body. Could be perfection!

  11. bubbajoe says:

    I’ll settle this real or fake thing once and for all…..Lana, it will take me about 2 hours….. all you need do is wrap them around my face for that time, and once done I’ll let all know my decision! Simple as that…..stay tuned all…..

  12. Moron says:

    Those are not her natural breasts. Its plastic surgery. You internet folks just have no idea what medical science has been doing for years. Kate Upton doesn’t have natural breasts either.

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