Lacey Banghard Almost Nude in Celebrity Big Brother UK

Screen caps of a completely NUDE (but covered) Lacey Banghard from Celebrity Big Brother UK! Very close to a beaver shot but when it comes down to it she isn’t really showing much at all. You people from the UK are so lucky to be able to watch quality programming like this though.

A treasure map to boobs: FLING

Lacey Banghard on Celebrity Big BrotherLacey Banghard on Celebrity Big BrotherLacey Banghard on Celebrity Big Brother

15 comments on “Lacey Banghard Almost Nude in Celebrity Big Brother UK”

  1. Hope says:

    She’s so F’ing ugly!!

  2. Yuck says:

    Amazing what war paint and a trowel does for a girl. And photoshop

  3. Dave says:

    You fucking queers have no idea. She is fit as fuck.

    Go back to rimming each other you bum bandits and leave the hot naked girls to me.

  4. Pefr says:

    That face…. urrrrgh

  5. ttnyc says:

    Are yall fucking kidding me? This is her best picture!!!! Wet, fully naked and with any of the glamour shit. She looks perfect, real and oh my fucking god so damn fuckable!!

  6. Shaddap says:

    If you guys are waiting around for a girl who gets out of the shower and looks like she does with make up on…you’re gonna have a long wait. lol

    [Now just to sit back and wait for the next bonehead to post about how he’s married to a woman who always looks amazing and puts this glamor model to shame.]

  7. humanoid says:

    I would hit that every day, all day and twice on Sunday!

  8. Joe says:

    Clearly you lot forget when Lucy Pinder, Rhian and Danica were in Big Brother. They weren’t dolled up like they were on photoshoots but they didn’t look fugly like Lacey, either.

  9. corpse paint says:

    Not complaining about lacey, but… Lucy pinder doesn’t need a gram of makeup to amaze.

  10. Hope says:

    Lacey is plain fugly with or without makeup. I don’t see how she has become so popular.

  11. Hahahaha says:

    What is that beast?!

  12. Mr. XXX says:

    Damn Lacey!!! Where have you been my whole life?? Such a natural stunning beauty & perfect body!!! MMMMmmmmmm

  13. None of your business says:

    Hope, I hope you kill yourself, you stupid fucking piece of shit fag.

  14. Don P says:

    Why don’t you tell us how you really feel. 5 years from NOW.

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