Keeley Hazell Topless

Damn, Keeley Hazell has been topless many times before but these are candid shots of her on vacation somewhere. Her juggs almost bigger here than they do in her photoshoots. What gives?

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9 comments on “Keeley Hazell Topless”

  1. mem says:

    Great candid shots.

  2. Dave says:

    that side boob is amazing

  3. R says:

    yes, they look quite bigger than on the photoshoots, maybe she’s gone on the pill or who knows , small implants cos they look less saggy too

  4. jt says:

    Another site I was on said that these candids were taken while she was changing bikinis on a photo shoot. I don’t know how true that is,but they are nice regardless!

  5. dean says:

    too bad you didn’t post the candids that showed her flat ass and big bruise on her stick legs and the odd line across her stomach- yawn

  6. Edward says:

    Yeah, too bad, Dean. That would be so great. Either that or it would be pointless. She’s a goddess.

  7. dave says:

    goddess? you must be fucking blind mate? get out once in a while… this chick aint all that! guess you’re used to the uk chicks- boring me thinks

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