Katy Perry’s Cleavage at the Grammy Awards

Katy Perry and her epic cleavage looked fantastic at the Grammy Awards last night! This is the best her boobs has looked in a while, even lesbian comedian Ellen DeGeneres was impressed! Bet she wanted to motorboat those luscious titties.. and who can blame her!? I sure would too!

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Katy Perry cleavageKaty Perry cleavageKaty Perry cleavageKaty Perry cleavageKaty Perry cleavageKaty Perry cleavageKaty Perry cleavage

Video from the red carpet:

9 comments on “Katy Perry’s Cleavage at the Grammy Awards”

  1. Kev says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMMM what else is there to say about her?

  2. scape says:

    that “many cam” needed to be about a foot higher =0

  3. Sandwhich says:

    Gorgeous she has that awkward goofy thing going for her, plus she has an amazing body want to see her naked badly.

  4. Shaddup says:

    Ellen diggin on the tits is hilarious.

  5. Mikey Sky says:

    Like most women, they need the makeup to make their face look pretty but Katy needs no work on those tits that for sure.

    What a nice perfect rack.

  6. Greg says:

    There’s a firework going off in my pants everytime I see her

  7. corpse paint says:

    hey gentlemen, did anyone see her large breasts? they are an attribute that make her attractive. because large breasts trigger a part of our brain that signify “fertility”. that’s why we like breasts that are large.

  8. corpse paint says:

    @Greg: i laughed at your comment because it was a reference to one of her songs, and a reference to sexual arousal! good joke, internet friend!

    (trying to sound like the foreign fucks on 9gag, who point out obvious shit)

  9. shagtiki says:

    hands down the best red carpet look ever period katy perry is the superstar of curves

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