Katie Price Dress Modest at the Club

Here is some drunken candids of Katie Price at a nightclub wearing what can only be described as a very modest type of outfit! Hm.. I wonder how many nip slips during an evening of binge drinking she bring upon the world of the unsuspecting?

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Katie Price is drunk and bustyKatie Price is drunk and bustyKatie Price is drunk and busty

8 comments on “Katie Price Dress Modest at the Club”

  1. Chad says:

    I was looking to masturbate to these pics but when I clicked on them, it does not work. 🙁

  2. Adrian says:

    the only thing that doesnt work is my dick when i look at her. what a skank.

  3. Jigrimasu says:

    This stuff should turn me on, but she’s somebody’s mama. She keeps going out dressed like this I just feel sorry for her. Bitch must be mad lonely

  4. Delacroixx says:

    She’s rapidly on her way to looking as frightful as Pamela Anderson–and maybe she’s already there. Those boobs and that face have seen too many surgical knives.

  5. steve says:

    horrible horrible sperm junky skank

  6. Mike Snow says:

    One look at her and you needin worry about premature ejaculation thats for sure.

  7. Edward says:

    When she dies some day they better not cremate her. All that plastic going up in flames might cause an explosion.

  8. miketb says:

    Jodie marsh wannabe…. HAHA what a tramp……

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