Kate Upton See Through from Sports Illustrated

Those amazing shots of Kate Upton in body paint for Sports Illustrated had me so distracted that I missed these couple of shots of Kate in a see through top!! Nipple alert! I also included a couple of bikini shots because she looks amazing in those as well.

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Kate Upton see throughKate Upton see throughKate Upton see throughKate Upton see throughKate Upton see throughKate Upton see throughKate Upton see through

8 comments on “Kate Upton See Through from Sports Illustrated”

  1. D says:

    It’s still blowing my mind that after years of stick figures, mainstream America is finally worshiping a girl with nice big fat titties. Love it.

  2. Mikey Sky says:

    Those tits are as perfect as you can find. They sit nicely, bounce how tits should bounce, nipples in the right place and they are big and 100% natural.

    You just have to lick your lips.

  3. BeerBoy says:

    ^^ Agree 100%

  4. Joe says:

    Spot on, Mikey

  5. Barry says:

    And it’s funny because she’s a beautiful girl but her tits are absolutely the reason she’s a superstar with people salivating over her everywhere. And everyone’s caught on to Kate Upton being a superstar but I’m not sure anyone’s caught on yet to why because you keep seeing these stick models.

  6. Al_Anon says:

    Well … as far as supermodels go, a stick with boobs & no ass or hips is better than a stick without boobs, ass, or hips. Better to have it all, but I’m shocked a DD girl made it this far. Usually it seems that supermodels are anorexics that sport a pair of pancakes with nipples hey call ‘boobs’ & everyone is more or less happy.

    I guess when it really comes down to it, there can only be so many Tyra Banks-esque girls that can make it to the top in the ‘professional’ modelling world. Porn? Thats another story altogether. But Sports Illustrated ain’t porn. Deal with it

  7. boobie says:

    supermodels are casted by gay old fags so they dont like boobs

  8. Tyrandil says:

    Truly a beautiful woman !

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