4 comments on “Kat Dennings Cleavage at The Paley Honors!

  1. Corpse Paint says:

    I wish Kat Dennings had a buncha tattoos so that all the manbabies on here could complain about how she’d be perfect without them.

    1. Shmoo_usn says:

      Yep, how awful….a gorgeous chick with huge, natural tits who HASN’T defiled herself with a bunch of nasty ink. The horror!

    2. Deewok says:

      Got to agree dude..
      Where you been??? 🤷‍♂️
      That and sit on ma face for a week
      Stunning plan..😘🤘

  2. Jume4 says:

    Kat Dennings, Kate Upton, Christina Hendricks… can it really be these three are the only actresses in Hollyturd with a cup size above C?

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