Joey Fisher Topless in the Light

More outtakes of new babe Joey Fisher posing topless for Nuts magazine! She is definitely THE girl to watch in 2013! Amazing all natural tits, love her!

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21 comments on “Joey Fisher Topless in the Light”

  1. BeerBoy says:

    God damn! Those tits are amazing!!!!!

  2. Lance burton says:

    Does England grow these chicks in vats, and bring out an even better model every year? Those juggs are borderline perfect.

  3. corpse painted taint says:

    My oh my oh my. Stupefied

  4. marcos says:

    presiosa my like sigan subiendo fotos de esta chika rikas tetas

  5. dood says:

    If she were to pose with Stacey Poole then nude modeling would be over because those two cannot be topped.

  6. kenry says:

    fuck, I’m in love!

  7. Dave says:

    I’m in lust!

  8. boobman says:

    im sure she has posed with Stacey Poole in Nuts magazine. She is awesome and so are her titties. The next wave of UK busty ladies is indeed awesome; her, Stacey, Jess Davies.

  9. Johnny C says:

    Magnificent boobs, but only a so-so face.. same with Stacey Poole, shame.

  10. Num3 says:

    She is a lot like Alice Goodwin, though not fake but with a less pretty face.

  11. Papoace says:

    Luv the tits ! Woohoo

  12. Andreas says:

    A new favourite! So damn hot!!!

  13. Don says:


  14. Nice says:

    Nice tits for a bird without teeth!!!

  15. Me says:

    Awesome tits on a chick without teeth sounds like the perfect woman!

  16. Johnny says:

    Jesus Christ…. Gorgeous….. Stunning big pair of boobies….. I want those boobies NOW.

  17. Stummie says:


  18. I have to say, I haven’t heard of her before. But WOW! Those jugs are AMAZING! You do a wonderful service to post these photos, sir.

  19. Joe says:

    Good god she’s fucking ugly.

  20. Joey Fisher is a beautiful,sexy lady with a gorgeous body,i’m loving her!

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