Jessica Simpson See Through Shoot

This isnt new but Ive never seen these pics before and without any exaggeration this might be the best Jessica Simpson shoot ever. I dont know how to descrive it. Its kind of see through but not really. I dont know. Either way you get a really nice look at Jessica Simpsons boobs and thats all that matters. Anyone know where this is from?

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5 comments on “Jessica Simpson See Through Shoot”

  1. hal says:

    Wooof !

    We do not see enough of jessica!

    She needs to do a playboy spread to revive her career.

    Who cares about her lack of talent , she is HOTTTT.

  2. tony says:

    she looks super young here. it kind of doesnt even look like her

  3. Edward says:

    She looks majorly photoshopped. I’ve never understood why people think she’s so incredible. Yes, she’s sort of hot, but so were about a dozen girls I went to high school with and they were all hotter than her without professionals doing their hair and makeup each morning. Same with that skank Aguilera. Don’t get me started…..

  4. razia says:

    i kind of agree with edward..but honestly i feel she looks sick. she looks ugly and if you really look at the face and not the boobs(which btw are so not worth looking at) she looks like a man. her fake tan makes her look even more weird. her sister is really beautiful.

  5. AsianLVR says:

    WTF?…..shes smokin!!!, I couldn’t bang her enough!!…..a couple of you guys need to get some taste, and glasses!!….

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