Jennifer Lawrence Gives Us a View

Great candids of Jennifer Lawrence almost slipping a nipple while giving us a great view of her cleavage while stepping out of a car in Boston! I’m still torn when it comes to Jennifer Lawrence. I think she is hot one moment and a plain Jane in the next. She seems to have a great personality though (as if that matters).

Famous boobs at: Mr. Skin

Jennifer Lawrence cleavageJennifer Lawrence cleavageJennifer Lawrence cleavageJennifer Lawrence cleavage

3 comments on “Jennifer Lawrence Gives Us a View”

  1. Joe says:

    All together now: We *almost* saw her boooooobs!

  2. I just ejacilated EVERYWHERE! says:

    Get a good look Costanza?

  3. Pefr says:

    “as if that matters”? Dude, it’s her personality that takes her incredible hotness to a whole other level. She’s not just beautiful and talented with an incredible body but she’s fucking hilarious and really normal too.

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